Pickup and Delivery

How it works

We really do come to your home or place of business, pick up your car, service it, and bring it back.  We do not charge extra for this.

No one else does this, why do you?

Precisely because no one else does it.  We believe that auto repair should be convenient.  We are a small operation looking to set ourselves apart.  We have found over the years that loyal customers are the best customers.  The best way to make customers loyal is to treat them better than anyone else.  Please allow us the chance to show you why so many of our customers are repeat customers.

Did we raise prices?

No.  We charge the same prices we have for a couple of years.  We work hard to make sure our services are affordable.

What if my car can’t be driven?

At this time, we do not offer towing.  We are happy to arrange towing for you and add it to your bill.  Additionally, we reserve the right to determine that your car is not safe to drive and refuse to pick it up.

Can you pick up and drop off to different locations?

Only under very special circumstances.  When we pick up your vehicle, we will leave a vehicle so that one person can take care of pick up and delivery alone.

How do I schedule service?

Just fill out this form:

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